Contemporary Club House 
Formal Dining Room and Trophy Room, fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere
Crow's Nest Bar & Fireplace Room, casual dining 
Deck Dining (seasonal)
Back Patio overlooking the Lake Springfield
Buoy Room: Snack Bar/Informal Dining (Open Memorial Day to Labor Day)
Waterfront Picnic pavilion, picnic tables and grills
Members Only Bar
Fully attended swimming pool with a slide and wading pool
Ship Store
Jr. Sailing Clubhouse
2 Picnic areas
Ample parking
Volleyball / Tetherball/Disc Golf/Funnel Ball
Basketball Court
Gasoline Pump on the water
Two hoists in a protected bay for launching sailboats 
24 hour restrooms. Showers during business hours. 
Special social club parties
Annual Labor Day Regatta
Swimming (Memorial Day to Labor Day)
Swimming Lessons for children and adults 
Adult swim Times
Sailing Lessons
Stand Up Paddle Boards (Lessons & Rental)
Private Parties
Club Parties
Water skiing / Pontoon 
Wednesday evenings & weekend Regattas 
Class racing (Sundays) 
Represented fleets include: Sunfish, Laser, C Scow, Star, JY15, J22 & Cabin Boats 
Sailing lessons for children and adults 
Boat mooring, docks and slips
Dry trailer and boat storage

To become a member, call the club office at 529-5418 and request that a membership packet be sent to you. In the packet are three parts, an application for the prospective member, and a sponsorship questionnaire for one sponsor. Sponsor must be a regular member of the club and not be on the Board of Directors nor the membership committee.

Download the Membership Application

Download the Membership Application for Seasonal Sailing Only


Regular Member
21 years and older 
Initiation Fee: $4000.00 payable upon acceptance, or $500.00 on acceptance and $250.00 per month for eleven months.
Dues: $215.00 per month payable monthly.
Food and Bar: $30.00 per month minimum expenditure.
Capital Improvement Fund: $36.25 per month.
Building Fund: $28.75 per month.

Transitional Junior Member
32 to 40 years old
Initiation Fee: $2000.00 payable upon acceptance
Dues:  $215.00 per mon payable monthly
Food and Bar: $30.00 per month minimum expenditure.
Capital Improvement: $36.25 per month
Building Fund:  $28.75 per month

Junior Member
21 to 32 years old 
Initiation Fee: $750.00 payable upon acceptance.
Dues: $157.00 per month payable monthly.
Food and Bar: $16.00 per month minimum expenditure.
Capital Improvement Fund: $31.25 per month.

Non-Resident Member
21 years and older. Any person whose permanent residence is outside of a 50 mile radius of the club and actively participates in sailing.
Initiation Fee: $1000.00 payable upon acceptance or $250 on acceptance and $75.00 per month for eleven months.
Dues: $70.00 per month payable monthly.
Food and Bar: No minimum expenditure. 

Seasonal Sailing Membership
Those applicants who own or co-own a sailboat that races in an active fleet, sail in ten races each sailing season, and serve on the race committee one weekend each sailing season.  Special restrictions apply, inquire about By-Law, article IV, section Eight for more details.
Initiation Fee: None
Dues: $75.00
Food and Bar: $20.00
Capital Improvement Fund: $25.00
Building Fund: $15.00
Availability: Club house is closed two weeks in the winter. It is also closed on Mondays in summer months and Mondays and Tuesdays in winter months.